• JIC Fittings, 37° Flared Fittings, SAE Flared Fittings

    Functionally qualified to MS, AN, JIC/SAE standards, SAE 37° Flared fittings enjoy widespread familiarity as adapters to hose assemblies & fittings for thin to medium wall thickness, dynamic pressurized tubing lines. With many sources of supply, SAE 37° Flared fittings are one of the more economical fittings for the budget-conscious consumer. Compared to other metal-to-metal fitting systems, SAE 37° Flared fittings rate "average" for remake ability and ease of assembly. Available from stock to 2" OD in stainless and 1" OD in Monel and brass.

    Flared Fitting Specifications

    • MAWP: 7700 psig
    • Temperature Range: -425 to 1200° F
    • Sizes: 1/8 to 2 in.
    • Materials: 316/316L stainless steel, brass, and Alloy 400 standard. Other materials are available.

  • Ultraflare to SAE

    UltraFlare tube fittings are recommended to users familiar with SAE 37° Flared fittings, but seeking a reliable seal in less-than-optimal assembly conditions. Using a primary PTFE seal reinforced by metal-on-metal, UltraFlare requires less make-up torque than standard SAE flare. As such it allows more remakes and compensates for under torqued make-ups (compared to published standards). The location of the PTFE seal also permits a positive seal on partially underflared tubing - not recommended, but if it's a situation encountered in fabrication, UltraFlare may provide the solution. PTFE seal improves performance in mild vacuum and moderate vibration on thin and medium-walled tubing systems. Available from stock in stainless steel to 1" OD.

    Specification Range

    • MAWP: 9600 psig
    • Temperature Range: -100 to 450° F
    • Sizes: 1/4 to 2 in.
    • Materials: 316/316L stainless steel and Alloy 400