• Stainless steel tube fitting union and stainless steel tube fitting male elbow

    SSP tube fittings provide leak-tight connections to improve the performance of instrumentation, utility, and process systems. SSP provides nine types of instrumentation and industrial tube fittings in a wide range of configurations and materials. Each has been tested to meet or exceed the performance requirements for a wide range third-party testing and approval organizations.

    • Instrument tube fitting designs
      • Duolok® two-ferrule tube fittings
      • Unilok® single-ferrule tube fittings
      • Griplok® dual-ferrule tube fittings
    • Industrial tube fitting designs
      • 37 SAE Flared tube fittings
      • Ultraflare fittings
      • SAE flareless tube fittings
      • SAE Soft Seal O-ring face seal fittings
      • Nav-SEA Soft Seal O-ring face seal fittings
      • HP Soft Seal O-ring face seal fittings

  • Pipe Fittings Family

    SSP offers both instrument and industrial pipe fittings in stainless steel, brass and Alloy 400 in sizes from 1/8 to 2 in. In addition to NPT thread end connections, SSP offers fittings with BSP, AN, Pipe Swivel and weld end fittings and adapters.  Koncentric® fitting are special minimal-clearance fittings that are use in turbines and other applications as a lightweight replacement to flange fittings.

    Fitting Types

    • Instrumentation Pipe Fittings
      • TruFit
      • TruFit 10K
    • Industrial Pipe Fittings
      • IPS Pipe Fittings
      • Pipe Swivel Fittings
      • Koncentric Fittings


    • Working Pressures:  Up to 15000 psig
    • Temperatures:  Up to 1200°F
    • Materials: 316 SS, Alloy 400, Brass
      • Other material are available
    • End Sizes: 1/8 to 2 in.
    • End Types:  NPT, BSP, AN, SAE, Pipe Swivel, Weld and Braze

  • Stainless Steel Weld fittings.

    SSP offers TruFit instrumentation and industrial weld and braze fittings and adapters. Tube and pipe socket, braze and butt weld ends fittins and adapters are available in a variety of combinations in sizes from 1/8 to 2 in. 


    • Pressure:  Vaccuum to 15000 psig
    • Temperatures: -425;to 1200°F
    • Materials: 316 SS and Alloy 400.  Other material are available
    • Weld End Types: Tube and Pipe Socket Weld and Braze and Butt Weld
    • Adapters Tpes: MNPT, FNPT, {o[e Seand AN/37° Flared
    • End Sizes: 1/8 to 2 in.

  • Stainless Steel hose fittings and brass hose fittings.

    SSP offers Field-Attachable hose fittings for hydraulic, PTFE-line, thermoplastic, flexible metal, and push-on hose. Field-Attachable hose fittings are reusable hose fittings that allow on-site fabrication of hydraulic, teflon, and push-on hoses.

    Hose Types

    • SAE 100R5 Type AT non-Mandrel
    • SAE 100R5 Type A Mandrel
    • SAE 100R2 Type AT/DIN20022 Tpe 2SN
    • SAE 100R1 Type AT/DIN20022 Type 1SN
    • SAE 100R2 Type AT/DIN20022 Tpe 2ST
    • SAE 100R12 Type A
    • SAE 100R14 PTFE
    • SAE MIL-H-27267 PFE

    End Connections

    • SAE 37°, SAE Flareless
    • SAE 37° Pipe Swivel
    • Soft Seal SAE ORFS
    • Soft Seal Nav-Sea ORFS
    • Male NPT
    • Tube Socket Weld


    • End Connections: 1/4 to 2 in.
    • Hose Sizes
      • Hydraulic:  1/4 to 2 in.
      • PTFE: 3/16 to 1 1/8 
    Body Materials:  316 SS, and Alloy 400