The SSP Instrumentation Hydraulic Swaging Tool swages 1inch and larger SSP Duolok tube fitting ferrules onto the tubing prior to assembly to the fitting body. Using hydraulic pressure, the SSP Hydraulic Swaging Tool overcomes the challenge of manually applying the torque required to install 1 inch and larger tube fittings. The SSP Hydraulic Swaging Tool reduces installation time and assures sufficient make-up for leak-tight connections on larger Duolok tube fitting sizes.


  • Preswages SSP Duolok tube fitting ferrules onto tubing.
  • Quick and easy tooling changes to install 1” 1.25”, 1.5” and 2” Duolok tube fittings.
  • Minimal setup time.Easy to use with instructions printed on the tool base.
  • Places no initial strain on nut, fitting body threads or fitting body sealing surfaces.
  • Includes support base.
  • Unique marking feature gives visual indications on nut and tubing that swaging is complete.
  • View window for verification of complete swage.
  • Installed fittings are 100% gaugeable.
  • Rugged plastic, wheeled carrying case with pull handle.


  • HST with base: 25lbs.
  • Case: 12H x 32W x 20D
  • Case and HST With All Tooling: 77lbs.
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Part #



TP-HST N/A Hydraulic Swaging Tool Complete N/A 3/4 to 2 in.
TP-HST-P32 N/A Hydraulic Swaging Piston 2” N/A 2 in
TP-HST-A2024 N/A Hydraulic Swaging Adapter 1-1/4” - 1-1/2” N/A 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 in
TP-HST-P24 N/A Hydraulic Swaging Piston 1-1/2” N/A 1 1/2
TP-HSTP20 N/A Hydraulic Swaging Piston 1-1/4” N/A 1 1/4
TP-HST-A16 N/A Hydraulic Swaging Adapter 1” N/A 1 in
TP-IHST-P16 N/A Hydraulic Swaging Piston 1” N/A 1 in
TP-HST-A12 N/A Hydraulic Swaging Adapter 3/4” N/A 3/4 in
TP-HST-P12 N/A Hydraulic Swaging Piston 3/4” N/A 3/4 in
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