• Flexible Metal Hose

    SSP provide custom manufactured braided metal hose to meet customer specifications for: FM Series Flexible Metal Hose FM Series hose features a corrugated stainless steel inner for liquid and gas applications having a wide extreme temperatures and pressures. FL Series PTFE-Line Hose FL Series PTFE-lined hose is flexible easy to clean stainless steel braided hose used in applications where fast, thorough cleaning or chemical compatibility are important.

  • Stainless Steel hose fittings and brass hose fittings.

    SSP offers Field-Attachable hose fittings for hydraulic, PTFE-line, thermoplastic, flexible metal, and push-on hose. Field-Attachable hose fittings are reusable hose fittings that allow on-site fabrication of hydraulic, teflon, and push-on hoses.

    Hose Types

    • SAE 100R5 Type AT non-Mandrel
    • SAE 100R5 Type A Mandrel
    • SAE 100R2 Type AT/DIN20022 Tpe 2SN
    • SAE 100R1 Type AT/DIN20022 Type 1SN
    • SAE 100R2 Type AT/DIN20022 Tpe 2ST
    • SAE 100R12 Type A
    • SAE 100R14 PTFE
    • SAE MIL-H-27267 PFE

    End Connections

    • SAE 37°, SAE Flareless
    • SAE 37° Pipe Swivel
    • Soft Seal SAE ORFS
    • Soft Seal Nav-Sea ORFS
    • Male NPT
    • Tube Socket Weld


    • End Connections: 1/4 to 2 in.
    • Hose Sizes
      • Hydraulic:  1/4 to 2 in.
      • PTFE: 3/16 to 1 1/8 
    Body Materials:  316 SS, and Alloy 400